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About Us

Company Name: Fok Shing Company

As parents, we want to give children a good foundation during their early childhoods, as it is their best time to absorb and digest new things. Based on our experience, we select the toys that suitable for their age with the aim to enhance their core values including sensory, motor, focus and cognitive skills. Importantly, educational toys are enhancing their learning abilities as well as satisfying their interests and curiosities. 

Further, we hope to find a unique collection of educational toys for children with special needs and learning disabilities, including poor or delayed language development and skills, and developmental delays, ADHD, autism and other spectrum disorders. To help them learn and grow, you need to find the RIGHT TOYS to support their individual needs. If you find them and know how to use these toys effectively for you and for children with learning difficulties, it will help them to maximize their abilities as well as to make learning FUN. 

Thays’ why we hope our toys provide sensory and educational fun for all children, with or without special needs.

We also know that nurturing our children is not easy. As a mother, she works day and night trying to give them all the best things she could - loving them. Most of the time, she stays at home and looking after children. So we are devoted to carefully select and review our range of skincare for our mother. We have in mind to be able to deliver advanced benefits and to achieve professional skin treatment results at home. 

Both mother and children should look and feel more beautiful every day internally and externally! 

As well as families, we also sell our products to corporates, non-profit organizations, therapists, school and children centers. We also provide OEM service for repacking toys or skincare products with packaging in your organization names as CORPORATE GIFT or CUSTOMIESED BRAND.   Should you have any enquiry, please contact our Customer Service.